Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier, Black
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Product Description

Kelty’s top-of-the-line Transit Carrier, the Kelty Transit Carrier (TC) 3.0, is the ideal light-use backpack carrier for parents with children up to 40 lbs. Like it’s larger counterpart the Kelty Framed Carrier (FC) 3.0, the Kelty TC 3.0 features a light aluminum frame for additional support and an array of invaluable accessories. Easy to use and comfortable for both parent and child, the TC 3.0 backpack carrier makes traveling, shopping, or hiking an engaging and enlivening experience – for the both of you.

The Kelty TC 3.0 is part of Kelty’s highly popular Transit Carrier series of child carriers that double as everyday backpacks. Like the older TC 2.5, the Kelty 3.0 has a light aluminum frame, so it is better used for strolls to the park or vacation walking tours than extended hiking trips.


The Kelty TC 3.0 is a both a hiking pack and baby backpack carrier in one. The cockpit seat of the Transit Carrier 3.0 cinches closed when you don’t need to use it as a carrier, allowing it to function as a regular daypack with excellent support. The light aluminum frame creates support and ample storage space makes the TC 3.0 one very versatile baby backpack.

Comfort & Convenience Features:

The TC 3.0 features a large storage compartment to store all of your and your baby’s needs, and includes a changing pad and Sun Hood. There are also mesh water bottle pockets, keeping drinks within easy reach.

Included Accessories with the Kelty Transit Carrier 3.0

  • Detachable Sun/Rain Hood for protection from sun, rain, snow, and branches
  • Changing Pad


Kelty backpack carriers like the TC 3.0 are one of the best ways available for your child to accompany you on all sorts of adventures, expeditions, or afternoon strolls. Unlike a stroller, Kelty carriers provide a child with a comfortable place to rest AND a raised perspective on the world around them. The suspension seat of the Kelty Transit Carrier 3.0 adjusts to accommodate your child’s height. He or she will be secure in the 5-point harness and comfortable thanks to the seat’s ample padding and breathable fabrics.


  • 5-point adjustable harness

  • Load-lifter straps for easy ons and offs
  • Foot stabilizer for safe loading


The Kelty TC 3.0 is Kelty’s top-of-the-line Transit Carrier, designed for light use or daytrips but not necessarily extended hikes. For a framed baby backpack carrier from Kelty that’s made for the long haul, check out the deluxe Kelty Framed Carrier (FC) 3.0

Product Details

  • Five-point, adjustable child’s harness. Sliding backpanel toso-length adjustment
  • Sun/Rain Hood, Child-view Mirror and Changing Pad included
  • Zip-off diaper bag with shoulder strap
  • 40 Pound weight limit
  • Lightweight internal aluminum frame

Customer Reviews

3 Responses to Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier

  1. says:

    Kelty TC 3.0 Carrier – Great for Baby & Stuff!
    4 stars
    Reviewer: Susan , Wickliffe, OH Date: July 09, 2008
    I ordered this backpack primarily because we took a cross country trip to Idaho with planned stops at Mt Rushmore and Black Hills and ending up in Coeur d’Alene for the Ironman Triathlon. My main concern was that I’d be on my own with a 10 month old and 3 year old for a long day of running around to watch my husband race. The baby doesn’t like to miss a thing and I knew being in a jogging stroller all day would never fly, so this looked like it would suit our needs (and give me a reason to get out and hike more often when we get home). Baby was happy and the backpack holds lots of stuff. The zip off diaper pouch w/changing pad is great. It was even fairly easy to get on and off by myself after a bit of practice. My only complaint is that the baby doesn’t sit very high up, but apparently his view was good enough (he’s pretty adept at letting us know if he’s not happy). It’s not a lightweight baby carrier, so if that’s what you’re looking for keep going. If you want something to hold baby and whatever supplies you’d need for a day, this is your carrier.

  2. says:

    5 stars
    Reviewer: Anonymous , North Brunswick, NJ Date: June 11, 2007
    For starters, the quality of Kelty packs in general is barnone, amazing! My wife and I were looking for a carrier that could also carry the essentials for a baby and guess what? This is what we purchased. WOW! We were impressed at the craftsmanship, the innovation and above all, everything that came with the backpack/carrier. (side mirror, rain/wind protection, diaper pad, detachable diaper bag). As far as comfort is concerened, needless to say, it has all the loops and fittings that can make it more comfortable for the wearer, as well as, for the baby. I would definately suggest this to anyone!

  3. says:

    Very Impressed
    4 stars
    Reviewer: Anonymous , Memphis, TN Date: January 20, 2007
    This is such a great idea for a child carrier. At first try I didn’t like this pack…at all. I thought that it was cumbersome, big, ugly & didn’t really see the need to have all that storage. I went home & slept on it, went back & tried it again. This time I compared it to the Kelty Tour & the Deuter Kid Air Comfort. This TC is smaller in size when on your back than the Tour & Roughly the same size as the Deuter (which by the way I have & also wrote a review on) Instead of carrying the diaper bag, stroller, carrier & managing to juggle all the things you need when taking 2 kids on an outing out to the car, I can just put it all in the TC. Well everything except the stroller of course. I don’t have to bring both my diaper bag & carrier, since they are now one. What is nice is that the back pack when not completely stuffed can be cinched in on both sides making for a more compacked backpack. My husband was totally amazed that there was even a child carrier in it! The 2nd back pack can be zipped off if you don’t want the extra bulk or if you have a little one who prefers to carry his own stuff. The cockpit is super cozy & has straps to close the seat in on the baby for a compact & comfy ride. My son Loved the Deuter but I think he enjoys the fit of the TC more. Of course it comes with Kelty’s lifetime warranty which is nice. The reason I chose this model over the 1.1 is the fit. The 1.1 doesn’t have as many adjustments as this model. The best I could describe it is like a heavy backpack with a waist belt. Granted it weighs less than the 3.0, but when you have a childs weight on your back why not make it the most comfortable? The 3.0 also came with a rain/sun hood, a mirror (for spying on the little monkey on your back) with pouch located right on the shoulder strap & a change holder on the waist belt. The rain hood alone costs $35. The 3.0 has a sturdy bottom which makes for easier loading & unloading. The 1.1 is like loading your kid into a soft backpack that doesn’t want to stand up. I imagine if there had been something in the pack portion it would have been a little easier. The 3.0 is taller than a normal, say Jansport backpack. A lot taller. There are so many different adjustments that can be made to the 3.0 it amazes me. Oh Sooo comfy. When my son sits in the cockpit there is no pressure on his legs like there normally is in a standard framed carrier, therefore he has better circulation in his legs. Normally they sort of hang in a seat, the pressure being mostly on their inner thigh. But with this design they sit with their legs wide open, how they tend to sit all the time anyway, & the base of the pack works as a place to rest their feet. I do have to say that it can be a little tricky to get them into the seat, but after you have done it a couple of times it gets easier. It’s a bit like trying to get them into a soft seated bouncy saucer, you just get one leg in when the other comes out. You just have to make sure their feet get inside the correct holes. If you are looking for an easy, just put your kid in quickly & go type carrier this one might not be for you. It takes a little time to do the buckling (which by the way is easily accessible & fully covered on their shoulders) and cinching required to make for a safe & comfy ride. It is definitely not as easy as a standard framed carrier, but this was not made to be one of those. This one is made for convenience, quality & comfort for both toter & totee. If you do decide to get one have someone help you fit it to your back. Any backpacking store should be willing to help.

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