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  1. ChildCarriers.com

    Perfect for Babies
    5 stars
    Reviewer: Emily , Juneau, AK Date: July 20, 2010
    I got this when my 2nd daughter was born and I just love it. She is now 15 months and we use it daily. I wear her mostly on the front, because she loves to lie her head on my chest and snuggle into me. We’ve put her on our backs too and it works great for that. It’s really durable–we’ve given it almost daily wear since we got it and it is holding up great. I highly recommend this!

  2. ChildCarriers.com

    very comfortable
    4 stars
    Reviewer: rachel , medford, oregon Date: June 14, 2010
    this is a great carrier and i have tried them all. from packs to slings you name it. the moment i put this on i could feel the differance. i walk everyday and i will use this rather than use the stroller its great becuase i can see my babys face when shes looking at new stuff. the only thing thats bad is you cant turn them out so i use my baby bjornni for house work when she wants to be see what im doing. also she is too small to do the backpack part right now. but besides that its awesome and was worth the money i will use for years to come.

  3. ChildCarriers.com

    Very Dissapointed
    1 star
    Reviewer: Anonymous , Charlotte, NC Date: April 15, 2010
    Sadly to say, I was very dissapointed in my Ergo Baby carrier. I had heard and read about the ergobaby and how great they were, so I excitedly purchased one for my two month old son. From the first day, I could not comfortably use it with him. I had a very hard time fitting him in with the infant insert. He was a 10lb baby at birth and might have been too big for it but he was also too little to use it without an insert. It took me at least ten minutes to get him in and situated every time I tried to put him in for a shopping trip. That is a long time when you also have a four year old waiting to get out of the car. My son is six months old now and to try and get him on my back is impossible. I was mostly excited about using it for this postition and I have yet to get him on there even after reading all the instructions many times. It is not safe to try this by myself without standing near a bed. All and all I have used the ergo baby carrier about five times for short shopping trips and it was more trouble than it was worth. Not only was it extremely hard to use I think that the way it is made spreads baby’s legs way too far apart and is not good for them as infants – maybe it would be ok with a tall toddler but not an infant. It is also very hot for little ones with the thick fabric and being smashed up against mom or dad’s body.

    Comments from The Staff:

    Thank you for taking the time to post your experience with the Ergo Baby Baby Carrier with us. We’re so sorry to hear that your experience with the carrier has not been positive so far. I recommend contacting Ergo Baby at 888-416-4888 to see if they have any suggestions for you on how to correct the issues you have been experiencing. Also, Ergo Baby has some great demos on their website, that may also provide some additional information to help you out.

  4. ChildCarriers.com

    After 4 tries, found perfect carrier
    5 stars
    Reviewer: Kim , Fayetteville, AR Date: November 30, 2009
    I have had a ring sling (made by a friend), a Moby Wrap, a BabyBjorn and now the Ergo. The Ergo is a little more expensive, but not when you consider that it is the only one that will let you carry a heavy baby – mine is 18 lbs at 7 months. The hip strap and the fact that you can use it front, side or BACK is key. Being able to put my baby on my back lets me cook dinner, clean, anything as long as I’m moving- and my hands are free! I liked BabyBjorn until I tried Ergo – I wish I had started here!!! (need infant insert for small baby if you do that)

  5. ChildCarriers.com

    Best carrier I’ve found!
    5 stars
    Reviewer: Anonymous , AB, Canada Date: June 01, 2009
    This by far is the best carrier I’ve found. I’ve used a Snugli sport with the waist belt – great for a newborn but that’s it, a Baby Bjorn – easily outgrown, a Moby Wrap – good but cumbersome to put on depending on the situation and various slings. The Ergo is the only one aside from the Moby that does not cause back pain for me. It is so easy to put on and take off and my infant son is comfortable on it. I can also carry my almost three year old daughter on my back in it without a problem. As for the baby’s legs being splayed apart too much, my son is comfortable with one leg tucked into the belt and one out the side of the carrier so that problem is solved. I’m sure it will get warm to wear in the summer but what carrier won’t? It was well worth the investment of the cost, I just wish I bought one with my daughter and didn’t wait until I had me second child!

  6. ChildCarriers.com

    great for this tall mom
    5 stars
    Reviewer: Heather , Ypsilanti MI Date: May 26, 2009
    We had baby #2 last summer, and knowing that I needed to keep up with her brother I thought a carrier would be useful. When she was about 6 weeks old I went to our local baby store and tried on a variety of slings and carriers. The Ergo was my favorite, hands down. It felt much more secure than the Kelty we had for our son, and I liked that it could be used in a variety of positions. Since then I’ve “worn” her to work, to help at parties at preschool, to Target so that my son can sit in the cart… I keep this in my car now instead of the stroller. Most of the time I wear her in front or on my left hip, and she’s very secure and comfortable. She loves to nap in it. After using it with her for months, I decided to try it with my 4yo one afternoon. We needed to do some errands on foot, but he was just waking up from a nap and was still groggy. I managed to strap him on my back, where he snuggled for a bit quite comfortably. It’s kind of like an assisted piggy back position. We live in Michigan so heat hasn’t been a problem. I like that I can strap her on front and pull my coat around her when it’s cold. The built-in sun shade is nice when it’s warm. My only problem is that I find it very, very hard to get the kids on my back for the back-carry position. With the baby I have to have my husband’s help. With my son, I sat on the rear bumper of our station wagon so that he could scoot into position before pulling on the straps. I think safely sliding your kid onto your back with one hand/arm is almost impossible, so I use the hip position a lot. BTW – I’m 5’10”, my husband is over 6′, and my kids are longer than average. Plus my daughter is already well over 20lbs. So I like the heavy-duty build and thick straps on the Ergo.

  7. ChildCarriers.com

    Great ideas, poor design
    2 stars
    Reviewer: Shanonn , Erial, NJ Date: March 29, 2009
    After months of research I grudgingly shelled out the $105 for the Ergo, only to find major problems with the design: TOO HOT! The material, while apparently durable, is much too thick & hot. My 3 1/2 mo. old was sweating after a few minutes, & so was I. THE LEG OPENINGS ARE MUCH TOO FAR APART for little legs. My son was too big for the infant insert & too small to spread his legs that far. Now, at 6 mos we still cant get him comfy & he screams the minute I try to put him in it. SHOULDER STRAPS ARE TOO THICK: I understand this was designed for comfort on the shoulders, but the straps are so thick that they are ridiculously bulky, particularly for a smaller person. YOU CAN’T WEAR THE CHILD FACING OUT: older ones love to look around & my son just hated being squished against me. Too little to go on the back, too big for inward facing. I love that you can move the child from 1 position to another without taking the pack off & I would love to see it made w/ a lighter material, less space between the leg openings, & slightly less generous padding.

  8. ChildCarriers.com

    5 stars
    Reviewer: Anonymous , Arnold, Maryland Date: February 24, 2009
    I bought this carrier after reading many reviews. I was looking for a back pack that would work for me and my son. My son is now almost 2 and 35lbs. I use this carrier on a weekly basis. I can carry him for hours in it and he loves riding in it. I mostly use it for the shopping trips to Sams club. A great product! I wish I had gotten it earlier than I did.

  9. ChildCarriers.com

    Great, with some flaws
    4 stars
    Reviewer: Anonymous , Olympia, WA Date: February 17, 2009
    We got this carrier because it seemed like eveyone around had them, so we talked to a few people, read reviews and purchased it for our 1-month old. The insert worked great until she was about 3 months old (I went for 1-2 hour walks every day and she slept peacefully in it almost all of the time), then we went through “neither here nor there” period, when she was too big for the insert, but too small to sit in the front. At 4 and a half months our daughter is still not able to sit very comfortably. We’re getting there, but I am still a bit concerned with her legs having to be splayed out so far. It is very well designed, distributes the weight evenly and works well both for my husband and me. We live in a cooler climate, so no complaints about being too hot.

  10. ChildCarriers.com

    Perfect fit for me and hubby!
    5 stars
    Reviewer: Mom of 3 , MI Date: November 03, 2008
    When my newborn got to big for my Moby, we started using this. It is amazing! I’ve tried other carriers that always strained my shoulder and neck. This did not! I used it at the zoo for several hours with not a single sore muscle. It’s highly adjustable so it fits both me and my hubby, and we have a considerable size difference between us. I was even able to carry my 2 year old while 9 months pregnant! (albeit for a very short time!) When doing a front carry, you will need some assistance buckling the back, but I’ve asked complete strangers to do it for me without a problem. I would highly recommend this carrier.

  11. ChildCarriers.com

    Infant Insert too hot
    3 stars
    Reviewer: Anonymous , Los Angeles, CA Date: September 05, 2008
    After much research I got the Ergo thinking it would be the one and only carrier I’d need for a long long time. Unfortunately the infant insert is like wrapping your baby in a quilt. I’m sure that’s great in the winter and in colder areas, but in Los Angeles in the summer my kid screamed the moment I tried to put her in the thing. I also found that I couldn’t find a position where she seemed comfortable. There simply wasn’t enough support for her and she was hot and smashed up against me and not at all happy. I’ll try again when she can hold her head up and doesn’t need the insert.

  12. ChildCarriers.com

    worth the purchase
    4 stars
    Reviewer: Anonymous , Vail, Arizona Date: June 10, 2008
    Pros: Great for newborns (used it starting at 1 mo old and I had a c-section). Easy to use by yourself. Safe for baby. Well constructed and washes well. No neck pain, no shoulder pain and doesn’t dig in to your skin. Helps work off baby weight. Baby likes it and falls asleep in it. Great for use in the grocery store, running errands, or just getting things done at home. Cons: Not made for really hot weather. The infant insert makes it even hotter (I still wear it in the heat just not for more than an hour). Ergo claims you can nurse while wearing it but I found that impossible. You can’t wear it front facing with baby looking out.

  13. ChildCarriers.com

    Great product
    4 stars
    Reviewer: Oviya’s mom , Fremont, CA Date: May 09, 2008
    I love the ergo baby carrier. My husband and I have been using this since my daughter was 6 weeks. I used the infant insert in the beginning. My daughter used to sleep for 3-4 hours when I have her in the carrier. When she turned 3 months, we started using the carrier without the insert. It is very comfortable and my daughter still goes to sleep after a short while. The only complaint I have is that the insert got uncomfortable for both me and my baby after she turned 2 months even though she was small. But it was only for a few weeks before I could use it without the insert. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a baby carrier.

  14. ChildCarriers.com

    Best carrier
    5 stars
    Reviewer: Liz , Lexington, KY Date: April 22, 2008
    My sister-in-law bought both myself and other sister-in-law the ERGOBaby carrier for our new babies. I am a full-figured woman and trying to find a carrier that would be comfortable for both me and my husband was a lost cause. With the ERGOBaby, we can both wear our daughter comfortably and efficiently. I would recommend this carrier to anyone and everyone.

  15. ChildCarriers.com

    A nice Baby backpack
    3 stars
    Reviewer: Serena , New York, NY Date: April 28, 2008
    I bought this carrier for my second child as I wanted a soft backpack. The infant carrier position is not ideal – I have a baby bjorn which feels more secure for my son and his legs are not spread apart as much as they are in this carrier. Also the waist band is a bit small it fits me but there is not much slack for a large waisted person – otherwise I like the backpack feature.

    Comments from The Staff:

    Hi there. Thank you for your feedback. The ERGObaby has a Waist Extension accessory that comes in very handy. Many purchase it, so that they have some leeway if both parents want to use it and one is larger built than the other. Thanks again for your review. We really appreciate it.

  16. ChildCarriers.com

    5 stars
    Reviewer: Anonymous , LaCrosse, WI Date: April 22, 2008
    I cannot rave enough about the benefits of this carrier! Both of my babies were big at birth, but my second went from 9 to >20 lbs in just four months. He also desired more attachment than my first which strained my back and left me with no free hands. The Ergo was a godsend!! Made colicky nights a thing of the past, shopping trips more enjoyable, cross-country skiing with the family possible, and life wonderful!! The Ergo helps distribute the weight to your hips without straining your neck or back. Your babe sits comfortably without any concern that you’re cutting the circulation off to his little feet. It allows you to do the ‘mommy-sway’ naturally while keeping your little one close and with a balanced center of gravity. The versatility of front/side/hip wearing will let us use this for quite some time (My husband loves it too and it’s easily adjustable between the two of us!). Well worth the investment!! Buy it for you or for a friend, you won’t be disappointed.

  17. ChildCarriers.com

    The best baby carrier ever!
    5 stars
    Reviewer: Michelle , Tulsa, OK Date: March 17, 2008
    This is the most amazing baby carrier I have ever used. My son outgrew his Baby Bjorn at 3 months (it really hurt my shoulders). The Ergo is much more comfortable on your back and distributes weight well allowing front, back and hip carrying positions. I have 2 other children and my son spends about 2 hours in my Ergo each night while I clean, prepare dinner, help with homework, etc. I could not live without it. The only cons are that it is expensive (but worth the price) and the baby faces you in the front carry position but my son didn’t seem to mind.

  18. ChildCarriers.com

    Happy with Ergo
    4 stars
    Reviewer: Anonymous , Ridgefield, CT Date: February 02, 2008
    Very happy with this purchase. It took a little practice getting my daughter on my back, but it is very comfortable and I sometimes wear her around the house while doing odd jobs…I would highly recommend! My 2 and 4 year olds also like it for piggy back rides.

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