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We know that for parents, their kids safety comes first.  The brands that we choose to carry represent the highest quality child carriers available.

Baby Wraps

This type of carrier was one of the first ever invented, and maintains an easy-to-use simplicity. It’s essentially a pouch sewn from fabric. The biggest benefit of a baby sling is versatility – it allows you to carry your baby in a variety of positions. Newborns, for example, can lie fully reclined and are able to nurse and nuzzle for optimal bonding. Older children can sit upright in the carrier and watch the world go by while enjoying the security of body contact with mom and dad.

They’re relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of patterns and colors, from simple and sedate to fun and funky. This may seem like a minor detail. But the job of parenting is so all consuming that many parents lose their sense of self. And in a small way, the style you choose helps you remember that you are your own person in addition to being someone’s mother or father.

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Front Baby Carriers

With a front baby carrier, your child sits upright in a padded seat that’s attached by a waist belt and two over-the-shoulder straps. These shoulder harnesses are designed to crisscross at the center of your back, a design innovation that helps better distribute your child’s weight. If you plan on using this type of carrier with a newborn, choose one that allows you to place the baby chest to chest with stiff support behind her tiny head. Once your baby is able to hold her head up unsupported (around three months) some front carriers offer the option of turning your child around so he can face outward.

The front baby carrier is probably the most sophisticated in terms of ergonomics. In fact, some models like the Baby Bjorn Sport employ additional padding and a second set of harnesses to keep those hard working muscles from ending up in knots.

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Baby Backpacks

These carriers look and function in a manner similar to a traditional camping-style pack. But instead of providing space to store your clothing and gear, they feature a comfy and secure seat for your child. Some backpacks employ a lightweight frame to help distribute your child’s weight evenly over your back, shoulders, and hips. But unlike front carriers, baby wraps and slings, a backpack is not suitable for newborns or young infants. In fact, your child must be able to sit up on his own before you can put them in a pack.

All baby carriers allow you to carry your child hands free, but with a baby back pack you free up your torso as well. This is particularly helpful when you want your front available for daily tasks that require more mobility. While you might not clean the house in these, they’re handy for hiking, shopping trips, and walks around the block. Another plus: carrying a child on your back is easier on your body than strapping them across your front, especially as they grow bigger (and heavier).

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